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The PPG Aerospace portfolio is comprised of a unique group of products and services. Through a series of strategic acquisitions, PPG has assembled a team of industry leaders that builds on its own long history as a transparencies aviation leader, with PRC-DeSoto International for sealants, coatings, and packaging and application systems; Sierracin/Sylmar Corp. for advanced composite transparencies; and Eldorado Chemicals for paint removal and cleaning. Through this exceptional team, PPG is able to deliver what is key to the aviation industry: innovation.

July 2016 (Aero News) - Vol. Issue

PPG Aerospace - July 15


Aerospace Coatings

We offer a complete line of aircraft coatings - from primers for a variety of airframe substrates to topcoats in standard, metallic and special effect mica colors. Our coatings provide superior application characteristics, UV resistance and color stability. The innovative Selectively Strippable System combines long-term performance with efficient topcoat removal for repainting.

September 2016 (Aero News) - Vol. 2 Issue 1

PPG's Aerospace Coatings - September 2016


Aerospace Sealants

PRC® and Pro-Seal™ sealants seal the structures of many of the world’s aircraft. Our comprehensive range of sealants for aircraft structures includes products for fuel tanks, protecting aircraft mating surfaces and sealing aircraft windshields. Local Application Support Centers provide Semkit® packages, premixed and frozen sealant, and innovative custom sealant solutions such as PRC® seal caps and PRC® FIP Strip sealant that offer time and labor savings with quality advantages.

February 2016 (Aero News) - Vol. Issue

PPG's Aerospace Sealants- February 10


Aerospace Packaging

Semco® Packaging & Application Systems offers creative solutions for packaging and dispensing single- and multi-component adhesives, sealants and coatings. These customized solutions afford convenient storage, accurate mixing, ease of application, reduced waste and easy clean up. A wide range of dispensing guns, mixers, cartridges nozzles and syringes, facilitate precise application of the smallest amounts of material.

January 2016 (Aero News) - Vol. Issue

PPG's Aerospace Packaging - January 2016


Aerospace Chemical Management Services

PPG Aerospace offers a turnkey outsourcing program for chemical and fluid management, process management and logistics - custom designed to include sourcing, purchasing, and vendor management.


Aerospace Transparencies

We provide aircraft windshields and windows to the commercial, regional, military and general aviation segments. Design capabilities include glass, acrylic and polycarbonate substrates with advanced-technology coatings and liners for specific performance characteristics, heating systems to meet flight requirements, edge attachments for load-carrying capabilities and interlayers that adhere structural plies. PPG advancements include technology that revolutionized windshield weight and service life.

July 2016 (Aero News) - Vol. Issue

PPG's Aerospace Transparencies- July 2016