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Commercial / Civil Aviation

Commercial Topcoats

01 Series HS Epoxy Topcoat
Chemically cured, two-component, high solids epoxy topcoats for use on aircraft and aerospace equipment

18 Series Mar Resistant Rotor Blade Polyurethane Topcoat
Chemically cured, PTFE filled polyurethane topcoat intended for mar-resistant coating applied on aluminum or composite rotor blade surfaces.

18A Series PTFE Filled Polyurethane Topcoats
Chemically cured, PTFE filled polyurethane topcoat is intended for use on exterior application on aircraft and aerospace equipment.

4080 Nitrocellulose Non Slip Topcoat
Quick drying, slip resistance finish, ester lubricant resistance

4080 Nitrocellulose Topcoat Matt
Ester lubricant resistance, quick drying, conventional solids

4080 Nitrocellulose Topcoat Semi Matt
Ester lubricant resistant, quick drying

4125 Direct Adhesion Epoxy Coating
4125 epoxy coating is designed for the protection of fasteners used in aircraftassemblies including all types of rivets, nuts, fasteners or aluminum alloys.

5440 PU66 8H PU Topcoat Gloss
Conventional solids, excellent fluid resistance

5441 PU66 4H PU Topcoat Gloss
Conventional solids, flexible polyurethane topcoat

5447 PU66 8H Topcoat Gloss Summer Version
Two-component flexible polyurethane topcoat of the PU66 range. This summer version is designed to be applied in extreme conditions of humidity and temperature

5456/....Celogliss Abrasion Resistant Coating
Good chemical resistance, resistant to water

5461 PU66 8H NL Topcoat Semi Gloss
Conventional solids, UV resistance

5462 PU66 8H NL Topcoat Matt
Fluid resistance, UV resistance

5464 PU66 8H NL Semi Matt Topcoat
Two component, flexible polyurethane topcoat of the PU 66 system, designed for internal / external protection and decoration of aircraft structures

5467/0000 PU66 Pore Filler
5467/000 is a two component, polyurethane, sandable pore filler for aerospace application

5495/7006 PU66 8H PU Topcoat Semi-Gloss
Two component polyurethane semi-gloss topcoat of the PU66 range

5541/9000 UV Resistant Varnish Semi Gloss
Protective varnish, excellent durability, easy to clean

5542/9000 Flame Retardant UV Resistant
UV resistance, flame resistance, transparent

5543/9000 Flame Retardant Varnish High Gloss
UV resistance, flame resistance, transparent

5544/9000 Flame Retardant UV Resistant Varnish Matt
UV resistance, flame resistance, transparent

ARC2 Polyurethane Topcoat
Abrasion resistance, excellent durability, easy to clean finish

CA40000 Polyurethane Topcoat
Excellent flexibilty, chemical resistance, can be used as a topcoat

Celoflex™ 95 Erosion Resistant Polyurethane Topcoat
A polyurethane topcoat designed to provide erosion resistance on radomes and leading edges. Celoflex™ 95 is intended for use on non-metallic / metallic parts and areas exposed to rain erosion.

CV116 Polyurethane Coat Gloss
Ambient curing clear polyurethane

CV117 Hydraulic Fluid Resistant PU Lacquer
Blue tint, ambient curing

CV121 Polyurethane Finishing Gloss
Excellent flexibility

CV123 HS Polyurethane Varnish Gloss
Quick drying, Low VOC, exceptional gloss retention

CV124 HS Polyurethane Varnish Matt
Quick drying, low VOC, UV light resistance

CV242 Clear Gloss Varnish
Two pack acrylic gloss varnish design to provide UV protextion to fluorescent paint systems

Desothane® CA8003 HS Polyurethane Aerosol Touch Up (EMEA)
Polyurethane aerosol touch up for the protection and decoration of aircraft exterior structures. CA8003 topcoat is designed to be applied over Desoprime™ epoxy primers

Desothane® CA8000 SR Solar Reflective Topcoats
Solar Reflective Topcoats are polyurethane coatings used to protect the exterior of aircraft and reduce solar heating associated with dark topcoats

Desothane® CA8800 SR Solar Reflective Topcoat
Solar Reflective Topcoats are buffable polyurethane coatings used to protect the exterior of aircraft and reduce solar heating of dark topcoats

Desothane® CA9100 Abrasion Resistant Topcoat
High solid, low VOC

Desothane® HD 9008 Base Coat
Pigmented base coat designed for use with clear coat 9008B0900D. The Base coat / clear coat system provides extended service life, improved buffability, and a smooth, easy to clean surface.

Desothane® HD 9008 Mica Special Effect Basecoat
Desothane® HD 9008 Mica special effect basecoat is part of 3 layer Basecoat Clearcoat System.

Desothane® HD 9008 SR Solar Reflective Basecoat
Solar Reflective basecoat is formulated to reduce solar heating associated with dark topcoats by being transparent to the near IR portion of the solar radiation spectrum

Desothane® HD 9008B0900D Buffable Clear Coat
Buffable clear coat intended to be used over Desothane® HD CA9008 Basecoat.

Desothane® HD CA9000 Commercial Basecoat
Excellent gloss, fluid resistance, stain resistance

Desothane® HD CA9000/B900 Buffable Clear Coat
VOC compliant, buffable, image reflection

Desothane® HD CA9007 Basecoat
Polyurethane basecoat is designed to provide improved hide and reduced process flow time, in combination with longer pot life and increased open time for clear coating

Desothane® HD CA9007/B900 Clearcoat
Polyurethane clearcoat is designed to provide excellent gloss and staining resistance.

Desothane® HD CA9032 Walkway Coating
High solid polyurethane topcoat specifically engineered to the requirements of today's over-wing walkway coatings.

Desothane® HS CA8000 Kicker
Desothane® HS CA8000 Kicker is designed to reduce the dry to tape time of Desothane® HS polyurethane topcoats

Desothane® HS CA8000 Mica System
High solids, low VOC, excellent flexibilty

Desothane® HS CA8000 Polyurethane Topcoat - EMEA
Low VOC, polyurethane topcoat used to provide protection and decoration to aircraft exterior surfaces

Desothane® HS CA8000 Polyurethane Topcoat with Andaro Special Effect Pigments
Topcoat system with Andaro® special effect pigments is part of a multi-layer special effects coating system.

Desothane® HS CA8000 Polyurethane Topcoats - US
Excellent adhesion, fluid resistance, high gloss

Desothane® HS CA8000/B900A Clear Topcoat
Excellent adhesion, fluid resistance, improves the gloss and color retention

Desothane® HS CA8000/S20 Flattening Paste
Excellent adhesion, corrosion resistance

Desothane® HS CA8000R Rollable Flow Additive/CA
Helps reduce dry times, minimal orange peel

Desothane® HS CA8003 Polyurethane Touch (US)
Polyurethane touch-up coatings are used to protect the exterior of aircraft

Desothane® HS CA8010 Flat Coating
Flat coating is a high solids polyurethane used to protect the exterior of aircraft

Desothane® HS CA8012/B701 Walkway Coating
Excellent adhesion, to be used on upper wings

Desothane® HS CA8020 Semi-Gloss Topcoat
Semi-gloss topcoat is a high solids polyurethane used to protect the exterior of aircraft

Desothane® HS CA8022/B7022 Walkway Coating
Smooth surface, can be applied with a roller

Desothane® HS CA8100 Abrasion Resistant Topcoat
Low VOC, chemical resistant

Desothane® HS CA8192 Abrasion Resistant Coating
High durability, low VOC

Desothane® HS CA8200R Rollable Flow Additive
Retains gloss and image reflection, ideal for touch-ups

Desothane® HS CA8800 Buffable Polyurethane Topcoats
Excellent gloss, excellent impact resistance, buffable

Desothane® HS CA8800/B900 Buffable Clear Topcoat

Desothane® HS CA8803 Buffable Polyurethane Touch-Up
Dries fast, buffable, excellent gloss

Desothane® HS CA9005 Clear Topcoat
Excellent appearance, stain resistance

Desothane® HS Clear Coat Matt CA8720M0900C
Desothane® HS CA8720M0900C is a transparent varnish from the Desothane® HS CA8000 range.

DeSoto® 521X315 Epoxy Topcoat Untinted White
Excellent fluid resistance, untinted white epoxy topcoat

EC75 Epoxy Topcoat
Excellent adhesion, high chemical resistance

EC75/C9071 Epoxy Clear Coat
Excellent adhesion, chemical resistance

EC96 HS Epoxy Topcoat
High solids, low VOC

F565-4010 Intermediate Coating - US Version
Decreases stripping time, excellent fluid resistance

FE103 Flexible Polyurethane Topcoat Matt
Good flexibility, excellent durability

Koropon® HS Epoxy Topcoats CA3000 Series
Amine epoxy-based, low VOC, excellent appearance

N39 1794 Clear Acrylic Lacquer
Single pack, acrylic lacquer designed to protect identification markings, labels and emblems on aircraft.

Winguard (FE 107)
High degree of flexibility, good chemical resistance