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Commercial Topcoats

Desothane® HD 9008 Mica Special Effect Basecoat

Desothane® HD 9008 Mica special effect basecoat is part of 3 layer Basecoat Clearcoat System.
  • High solids, low VOC
  • Wide range of mica particle size and surface effects available.
  • Can be applied in a wide range of conditions
  • Compatible with all current spray equipment

Desothane HD 9008 Mica Basecoat is applied over 9008 Basecoat solid pigmented colors then overcoated with the Desothane® HD 9008B0900D Clearcoat or Desothane® HS CA9005 . Desothane HD 9008 basecoat technology and have been developed to provide customers with greater flexibility in selection of exterior livery systems.

The completed (BCCC) basecoat / clearcoat system provides:
  • Extended service life
  • Improved buffability
  • Excellent impact and erosion resistance
  • Skydrol® resistance
  • Gloss and color retention in harsh environments


  • AIMS 04-04-025
  • BAMS 565-018