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Commercial Topcoats

Desothane® HD CA9000 Commercial Basecoat

Desothane® HD CA9000 polyurethane basecoat is designed to give improved hide and reduced process flow time in combination with long pot life and longer open time for clear coating. CA9000 basecoat is available in solid colors and special effect pigments. It is designed to be used with CA9000/B900 clearcoat as part of the Desothane® HD basecoat/clearcoat system (BCCC).

• Paint cycle time reduction
• Excellent gloss and color retention
• Low density and excellent hide
• Excellent fluid resistance
• Compatible with all current spray equipment
• Can be applied in a wide range of conditions
• Stain resistance
• Impact and erosion resistance
• Buffable
• Humidity dependent cure profile


  • AMS 3095
  • MEP 10-125 - Type I - EMBRAER