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Commercial Topcoats

Desothane® HD CA9007/B900 Clearcoat

Desothane® HD CA9007/B900 polyurethane clearcoat is designed to provide excellent gloss and staining resistance. CA9007/B900 is designed to be used with CA9007 Basecoat as part of the Desothane® HD basecoat/clearcoat system (BCCC).
  • Paint cycle time reduction
  • Buffable
  • Compatible with all current spray equipment
  • Can be applied in a wide range of conditions
  • Service temperature -54°C to 177°C (-65°F to 350°F)
Desothane® HD basecoat/clearcoat system (BCCC) provides excellent:
  • Gloss and color retention
  • Impact and erosion resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • Fluid resistance

Note: BCCC system should be used over a urethane compatible epoxy primer such as Desoprime™ series CA7502CF, CA7700, and CA7755.