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Commercial Topcoats

Desothane® HS CA8000 Polyurethane Topcoat with Andaro Special Effect Pigments

Desothane® HS CA8000 series topcoat system with Andaro® special effect pigments is part of a multi-layer special effects coating system. The system consists of a solid or metallic base, coating with Andaro® special effect pigments, and clear coat. The system is designed to be applied over Desoprime™ epoxy primers.
  • System designed to provide a deep, saturated bright color
  • Excellent gloss and color retention
  • Fluid resistant
  • Compatible with Air Spray, HVLP spray equipment
  • Service temperature -54°C to 177°C (-65°F to 350°F)


  • BMS 10-125 - Type V Grade D - BOEING