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Aerospace Coatings, Pretreatments, Paint Removers, Cleaners

Surface Solutions

Paint Strippers, Removers and Cleaners

Surface Solutions

  • PPG  Aerospace supplies an extensive line of paint removers and paint stripping products

  • PPG’s solvents and cleaners provide for improved application and product cleaning

  • PPG’s chrome-free pretreatments support our customers’ overall need to improve their sustainability goals while achieving high performance corrosion protection without the use of chromates.  Learn more about DesoGel EAP-9 and EAP-12.

PPG Aerospace offers an extensive line of paint strippers and removal chemicals.  Our Surface Solutions product line has been a part of the PPG portfolio since 2006 and has been supplied globally through our Application Support Center (ASC) network.  With competitive pricing and excellent performance, this product line continues to find new applications along with our paint cleaning products from Farecéa.  Next-generation coatings systems, which include chrome-free primers, adhesion promoters, and basecoat clearcoat systems provide excellent corrosion resistance, durability and adhesion but can be more challenging to remove compared with previous-generation coatings systems. PPG Aerospace is introducing new, environmentally-friendly solutions that can remove next-generation coatings systems.
PPG Aerospace is growing its Pretreatment product line with new, chrome-free, corrosion inhibiting products. Our Deft Panoply™ and RECC™ technologies have demonstrated significant capability in flight evaluation and extended weather testing.  Our Desogel™ product line has become a basic component of the commercial aviation industry to promote excellent adhesion characteristics that are needed for the demands of high aircraft utilization.
With the addition of Deft® and Spraylat, PPG Aerospace now supplies a broad range of temporary protective coatings to the aviation industry providing substrate protection during the manufacturing and assembly processes.

Download Coating Removal and Pre-Paint Products Brochure (PDF)

Paint Removers