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Surface Solutions

Paint Removers

Desolift 3135 Selectively Strippable Coating Remover
Paint remover for the latest generation selectively strippable (SSS) exterior coating systems

Desolift 5269 Neutral Peroxide Paint Remover
Multi purpose cleaner, organic solvent blend

Eldorado AC-12 Corrosion Remover and Brightener
Phosphoric acid based cleaner used for removing corrosion and for bright etching aluminum aircraft surfaces

Eldorado CT-2400 Carbon Remover & Paint Remover, Cold Tank
Carbon remover & paint remover

Eldorado CT-2500 Diphase Carbon Remover, Cold Tank
Diphase carbon remover and paint stripper

Eldorado HT-2230 Non-Chlorinated Paint Remover, Hot Tank
Nonchlorinated Paint Remover

Eldorado PR-2002 Non-Chlorinated Paint Remover
Nonevaporative, acid-activated paint and primer remover

Eldorado PR-3133 Polyurethane and Sealant Remover
Light blue-colored, viscous, ammonia-activated, benzyl alcohol emulsion type paint remover

Eldorado PR-3400 Paint Remover
Viscous, ammonia-activated paint remover

Eldorado PR-3451 Paint Remover
Polyurethane and alkyd paint remover

Eldorado PR-3500 Paint Remover, Epoxy Systems
High-performance, solvent-based, viscous stripper

Eldorado PR-3500-35 Paint Remover, Epoxy Systems, Limited VOC
VOC viscous paint remover

Eldorado PR-3500NC Paint Remover, Epoxy Systems
Viscous paint remover for aircraft primers

Eldorado PR-4028LO Acid Activated Paint Remover
Acid activated paint remover

Eldorado PR-5044 Neutral Peroxide Paint Remover
Neutral peroxide-activated paint and primer remover

Eldorado SR-125A Sealant Remover
Viscous paint remover for polysulfide sealants and adhesives