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Cuming Microwave Materials & Anechoic Chambers


Cuming Microwave offers two types of products for antennas, one for antenna testing and the other for antenna pattern shaping.

Antenna Testing

Cuming Microwave offers an extensive line of high performance pyramidal and convoluted absorbers. Materials are designed for use in antenna ranges, anechoic chambers and test boxes. Cuming utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and controls to ensure homogeneity within each piece and lot. This process allows cost effective methods in the production of pyramids, wedges, twisted pyramids and other geometric shapes. All materials are qualified for fire retardancy and are tested 100% for electrical performance.

For a list of products relevant to antenna testing, please see our 390 Series.

Antenna Pattern Shaping and Side Lobe Reduction

Cuming Microwave offers a variety of absorbers including dielectric and magnetic materials including LF broadband absorbers, MT insertion loss materials, and a full line of magnetically loaded rubber absorbers. Our most popular products for this application include:

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High Loss Magnetic Sheet Absorber For Surface Waves
C-RAM GDSS (310-4)

Thin Weatherproof Controlled Insertion Loss Sheet
C-RAM GDX (310-11)

Thin, Flexible, Weatherproof Microwave Absorber
(310-1) C-RAM FLX

High Loss UHF and Microwave Magnetic Sheet Absorber Sheet Absorber
C-RAM FF-2 (310-7)

Flexible Iron/Silicone High Loss Stock
C-RAM RGD-S (330-2)

Lossy Carbon-Loaded Flexible Foam Sheets
(320-2) C-RAM MT

Reticulated Foam Absorber Sheets
320-3) C-RAM AR

Broadband Carbon/Foam Flexible Sheet Absorber
(320-1) C-RAM LF

For a list of additional products relevant to antenna pattern shaping, please see our 310 Series and 320 Series.