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Low Loss Dielectric Stock Materials- 210 Series

Low Dielectric Constant, Low Loss Sheet Stock

C-STOCK LOW K is a series of sheet stock materials with dielectric constants less than 2.0. These materials also exhibit low loss tangents and have densities well below conventional dielectrics.C-STOCK LOW K is a rigid, low density, very fine-textured syntactic foam with excellent physical properties, and can be easily machined. Suggested uses include antenna, waveguide and coaxial support applications. High-Q RF coils using these materials display improved performance.

C-STOCK LOW K is available in sheets 12in x 12in. in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 0.25 to 4.0in. Parts can be readily machined with conventional machine tools. Assemblies can be built up using compatible C-Bond adhesives.

Technical Data Sheet

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