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Low Loss Dielectric Stock Materials- 210 Series

Plastic Stock With Adjusted Dielectric Constant

C-STOCK AK is a series of plastic stock materials with an adjusted dielectric constant and low loss tangent, intended for a variety of RF and microwave applications. The available dielectric constants range from 3 to 25.

C-STOCK AK is a ceramic filled cross-linked plastic and, unlike sintered ceramics, is readily machined with carbide tools. It has many applications as a dielectric spacer or circuit substrate, tapered permittivity transition, radome, RF lens, or other uses where a machined part of a specific dielectric constant is needed.

C-STOCK AK-500 is a similar product, having essentially the same electrical and mechanical properties as C-STOCK AK, except that it is made from a high temperature plastic which allows continuous use to 200°C (390°F), and short term exposure to 260°C (500°F).

Technical Data Sheet

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