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Low Loss Dielectric Stock Materials- 210 Series

Rigid Foam-In-Place Liquid Polyurethane

C-FOAM PK is a two-part liquid resin kit, which is mixed together to expand into a rigid polyurethane plastic foam with good structural and electrical properties. There are two grades: PK-2, which expands to approximately 2.5-3 PCF (.04-.05 g/cm3 ), and PK-5, which expands to approximately 5-6 PCF (.08-.10 g/cm3). C-FOAM PK is intended for filling cavities of electronic and microwave devices such as waveguides, instrument housings, and radomes.>C-FOAM PK is a polyol-blown urethane with minimal health and flammability hazards. The material can be shipped via regular transportation means without any hazard warnings, however gloves and normal safety procedures should be followed as with any chemical. The liquid material is sensitive to moisture and should be shipped and stored in sealed containers purged with nitrogen.

Technical Data Sheet

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