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Low Loss Dielectric Stock Materials- 210 Series

Silicone Rubber Casting Resin

C-SIL 285 is an RTV silicone rubber, supplied in pourable liquid kit form, which will cure into an elastomeric solid with excellent physical, thermal, and electrical properties. C-SIL 285 is useful for making tough, flexible molds, as a caulking and sealing compound, and for encapsulating electrical parts. C-SIL 285-LS is a special grade for applications requiring minimal shrinkage during cure.

C-SIL 285 will cure and bond to itself, but will release fairly easily from most smooth, non-porous surfaces. To improve release, a silicone grease such as Dow Corning “Compound 7” may be applied. The use of this or similar release agents is also recommended when casting epoxies or similar thermosetting resins in C-SIL molds.

Technical Data Sheet

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