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Radomes & Radar-Absorbing Structures- 350 Series

Radar Absorbing Structures

With Cuming Microwave’s broad array of products and services, we are able to provide unequaled materials solutions for composite manufacturing. Whether for a large RCS mockup or high strength laminate, Cuming Microwave can provide the solution.

Cuming Microwave Corporation manufactures a line of radar absorbing structures, which exhibit broadband, narrowband or multiband performance. Having complete in-house design capability we are able to customize designs relative to customer requirements. Laminates have been manufactured from, spectra, E-glass, S-glass, and graphite fibers in conjunction with various resin systems. Parts are manufactured using typical composite part manufacturing techniques such as autoclave, compression molding, vacuum bag, or resin infusion methods. Typically laminate designs are between .200” to .750” depending on design selected.

Cuming Microwave Corporation can manufacture extremely large glass/epoxy skinned syntactic foam radar absorbing structures. We also manufacture a line of Sonar absorbing syntactic foam suitable for deep-sea deployment. Parts can be manufactured 30 feet in length by 8 feet in diameter or width.

Technical Data Sheet

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