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Semco® Chemical Packaging Services

Packaging and Dispensing Solutions

Global service and support have always been key to our partnerships with customers.  As a leading supplier of coatings and sealants to the aerospace industry, we have gained considerable experience in providing packaging and dispensing solutions for difficult-to-handle materials.

This experience can be fully carried over into other industry sectors facing similar challenges.  Our unique and innovative packaging systems provide accurate dispensing for most industrial fluids. 

Our services include providing technical staff to advise you on your packaging needs and in preparing samples of available options.  From air powered and manual syringe assemblies, sachet packs, cartridges, cans and tubes for single part materials to Semkit® packages, Sempak™  systems, Hinge-Paks for multi-component materials, or other packages that are essential to your operations.

We provide packaging for epoxies, silicones, urethanes, acrylics, polysulfides and many other materials to reduce waste, improve productivity, reduce operator exposure and minimize hazardous disposal costs.