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Aerospace Sealants

Customized Sealant Solutions (CSS)

Increasingly, airframe manufacturers and airlines are being driven to find lean approaches in how they seal their aircraft.

PPG Aerospace initiated its Customized Sealant Solutions (CCS) program to team with customers and develop innovative product concepts that optimize and simplify the process of sealing aircraft. These CSS products are supplied in unique customer specific forms and provide traditional fuel tank sealing, corrosion-inhibiting and smoothing characteristics while affording significant labor time and quality advantages.

Customized Sealant Solutions (CSS) Brochure

PRC® FIP Strips
Designed for fabrication of form-in-place gaskets resuling in less masking, reduced waste and cures in just 4 hours

PRC® Pre-Formed Sealant Gaskets & Fillets
Custom shape and sizes, less wet sealant

PRC® Pre-Mixed and Frozen (PMF)
Reduced waste, improved quality, cost savings

PRC® Seal Caps
Reduced waste, fitted specifically to each fastener

Semfoam™ Sealant
Sealant solution, open cell, inert polyurethane foam

Semplug™ Sealants
Pre-cast sealants, decreased application time and tooling