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Customized Sealant Solutions (CSS)

Semplug™ Sealants

Semplug™ Sealants are pre-cast sealant used to seal joggles and structural gaps on aircraft. They are placed in between open gaps on the exterior of the aircraft, then broken off to leave a form-fitting piece of sealant in the joggle. Previously, aircraft manufacturers would have had to create several layers of sealant to seal these gaps.

Semplug™ Sealants offer a number of benefits including:

  • Decreased application time and tooling
  • Increased quality; the seal created by Semplug™ Sealants is more form fitting than the previous layers of sealants
  • Previously, layers of sealant would have been subjected to sagging in the gaps and joggles. The use of PRC® Semplug™ Sealants reduces the occurrence of this issue
Customized Sealant Solutions Brochure