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Military Aviation

Lockheed Martin F-16

PPG is the leading and most experienced manufacturer of windshields, canopies, windows, blast barriers, specialty transparencies, composite nose covers, and dry seal systems for military applications. With the industry's broadest capabilities, PPG is able to design and produce advanced-technology transparencies to meet the demanding requirements of military operations.

PPG offers a variety of transparent structural materials to meet specific design and performance requirement. They include Herculite® II chemically strengthened glass that provides superior strength and durability, special-composition glass that incorporates enhanced optical properties such as light transmittance, acrylic that is strong and lightweight, and polycarbonate that has superior impact resistance and a high strength-to-weight ratio. PPG interlayers bond the plies together and provide bird-impact resistance and pressure "failsafe" capability. In-house capabilities allow PPG to engineer and produce interlayers specially tailored to aerospace applications.

PPG offers advanced coatings that protect transparencies and aircrews from various operational or environmental threat. Sierracote®, NESA® and Nesatron® thin metal films form the basis of anti-ice/anti-fog electrical heating systems. Other PPG coatings and technologies offer low-observables performance, solar heat reduction and laser protection. These technologies are designed to be compatible with night vision system.

Canopy Dry Seals

We offer a patented dry seal pressure system to mount PPG’s Texstars F-16 canopies. Our dry seal system is installed between the canopy frame and transparency, to establish an airtight seal very cleanly and quickly, saving time and money. Our system increases aircraft readiness, and allows lower life-cycle cost. The fairing seal is installed atop the aluminum canopy fairing and protects against rain and water. Manufactured from special conductive material, it also provides a secondary channel for the dissipation of electrostatic charge when used in conjunction with PPG’s ESD-coated transparencies.

Forward Nose Cover

The forward nose cover protects the nose of the canopy transparency and the forward ends of the fairing seals. By resisting aerodynamic forces, the forward nose cover prevents potential damage to the leading edge of the transparency coating as well as the fairing seals.