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Military Aviation

UH-60 Sikorsky Black Hawk

PPG Aerospace - Transparencies is a leading and experienced manufacturer of windshields,  canopies, windows,  blast barriers and specialty transparencies for military applications. With a broad range of capabilities, PPG is a design and produce advanced-technology transparencies to meet the demanding requirements of military and surface operations.

PPG offers a variety of transparent structural materials to meet specific design and performance requirements. HERCULITE® aerospace glass offers impact and thermal shock resistance as well as high load-carrying capabilities. Special-composition glasses incorporate enhanced optical properties such as high light transmittance. Plastic substrate materials include acrylic that is strong and lightweight, and polycarbonate that has superior impact resistance and a high strength-to-weight ratio. PPG proprietary, interlayers bird-impact resistance and pressure "failsafe" capability. In-house capabilities allow PPG to engineer and produce interlayers specially tailored to aerospace applications.

PPG offers advanced coatings that protect transparencies and aircrew from various operational or environmental threat. SIERRACOTE™, NESA® and NESATRON® electrical heating systems provide anti-ice/anti-fog protection. Other PPG coatings and technologies offer low-observables performance, solar heat reduction, laser protection and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) shielding. These technologies are designed to be compatible with night vision systems.

PPG transparencies have flown numerous military missions. The company is a leader in its transparency technical capabilities and infrastructure, OEM and operator support, and ability to supply parts worldwide on a timely and affordable basis.