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Cartridges and Accessories


Precision molded plungers are available in three styles. Each style has its own functional characteristics. All are designed to fit the cartridge contour, assuring complete dispensing and reducing waste.

The WP or Wiper Plunger has the highest amount of interference. This provides the most complete wiping action on the cartridge inside diameter. The P-plunger has medium interference. It provides clean wiping action, inserts easily, and allows evacuation of entrapped air. The PRS or Pressure Relief Plunger has the least interference. It has been specifically designed to be easily inserted and reduce air entrapment during filling and dispensing. This dramatically reduces problems with dripping or stringing during dispensing.

Description Part Number   Buy Online
220252 - P-Plunger LD (black) 220252
220259 - WP-Plunger LD 220259
220260 - WP-Plunger HD 220260
229221 - 20/32 oz. WP-Plunger LD 229221
229756 - 1/10 gallon WP-Plunger LD 229756
232364 - 1 oz WP-Plunger LD 232364
232374 - 20/32 oz WP-Plunger HD 232374
232973 - 1/10 Plunger LD 232973
234414 - PRS-Plunger LD 234414