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Customized Sealant Solutions (CSS)

PRC® FIP Strips

What is PRC® FIP Strip?

PRC® FIP Strip is a new innovative sealing method designed to reduce application costs and improve efficiency. They are pre-formed strips of sealant of gaps, joints or other areas where conventional wet sealants may be used. They are available in a number of standard sizes and shapes, as well as custom designed configurations to fit your unique requirements.

Why PRC® FIP Strip?

• Faster
     - Reduced application cost
     - Ready to apply in 5 minutes
     - Cures in just 4 hours
     - 50% reduction in gasket assembly time

• Easier
      - No mixing of sealant
      - Simple application
      - No special skills required to apply
      - Less masking required

• Cleaner
      - Reduced waste
      - Less clean-up required 
      - Requires less solvent use for clean-up 

• Improved Quality