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Sembend™ Nozzles

Sembend™ nozzles simply require an operator to slowly bend the nozzle with their hands to form the shape desired for the application. Sembend™ nozzles have excellent shape retention and also possess the capability to continue to be reshaped if the initial forming needs to be adjusted.

In summary the benefits include:
  • Custom nozzle shapes suitable to each operator’s own preference
  • Reduce health and safety concerns during the bending process
  • Reduced lead time for pre-bent nozzles (on standard Sembend Nozzle configurations)
  • Increased flexibility for the end-customer relative to pre-bent nozzles which commit them to standard angle bends
  • Sembend™ nozzles are priced at standard pre-bent nozzle pricing


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Description Part Number   Buy Online
235058 Sembend™ Model #8690 Nozzle 235058
235061 Sembend™ Model #620 Nozzle 235061
235062 Sembend™ Model #640 Nozzle 235062
235063 Sembend™ Model #820 Nozzle 235063
235064 Sembend™ Model #840 Nozzle 235064
235065 Sembend™ Model #420 Nozzle 235065