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At PPG, we deliver sustainable aircraft transparencies, sealants, coatings, additive manufacturing, and packaging & application systems that preserve and protect the environment. In addition, our aerospace products and services increase manufacturing speed to reduce cycle times. Visit us at to learn more.


PPG Clarity™ Transparency Cleaning System A two-part cleaning method that can easily remove debris from coated and uncoated plastic transparencies
PRC® SEALCAP® sealants Decreases application time/tooling and offer consistent application quality
PPG ARE™ Additive Manufacturing Technology  Automates manual processes to save production times and costs



Desothane® HS CA9311 Advanced Performance Coating Fluoropolyurethane topcoat use to protect the exterior of aircraft
Lockheed Martin C-130 windshields and windows Transparencies with exceptional performance 
and design upgrades that incorporate the latest technologies
PRC® SEALCAP® sealants Use only what you need, no waste 



SEMCO®  ergonomic scrapers Improve aircraft sealant and adhesive removal efficiency
SEMCO™ sealant removal, mixing and application kit A convenient carry-on tool kit for removal and application of sealants and adhesives
Semco® 285-B battery powered mixer The unit is designed to offer the convenience of a lightweight, portable mixing solution without the hassle of an electric cord or air hose
SEMCO™ 1088 SEMKIT® package mixer Minimizes operator setup for different kit configurations, reduces worker fatigue, and assures a more thorough and consistent mix
Semco® Model 1250 battery powered dispensing gun Battery powered dispensing gun intended for application of sealants, adhesives, potting compounds, packaged in Semco or SEMKIT® packages
Sempen® Applicator Convenient storage, mixing and application of pre-proportioned coating materials


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