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Bondexpo International 2023

PPG's Aerospace Business

Bondexpo International

Leadership in Innovation, Sustainability, and Enhanced Productivity

At PPG, we partner with our customers to develop innovative technologies that solve their biggest challenges. We deliver sustainable aircraft transparencies, sealants, adhesives, coatings, engineered materials, additive manufacturing, chemical management and packaging & application systems that preserve and protect the environment. In addition, our aerospace products and services increase manufacturing speed to reduce cycle times.


Chemical Management Services Provide turnkey outsourcing programs for chemical and fluid inventory management and packaging as well as chemical data reporting for environmental compliance
Semco Flexpak™ packages Reduces waste, please ask any sales representative to learn more about the program
Semco® Catalog Semco® catalog showing packaging materials that are intended to store, mix, dispense, apply and remove specialty chemicals used in manufacturing and repair environments for many industries



Chemical Packaging Services Reduced chemical waste, reduced labor costs, and improved operational efficiency
Semco® Packaging & Application Systems Semco® Packaging & Application Systems injection-molds plastic industrial cartridges and syringes for the storage and transfer of chemicals
Semco® Model 1088 Semkit® Package Mixer Minimizes operator setup for different kit configurations, reduces worker fatigue, and assures a more thorough and consistent mix




If there are any questions pertaining to the products listed, please ask any member of the PPG Team.