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DSEI 2023

PPG's Aerospace Business

Defence Security Equipment International

Leadership in Innovation, Sustainability, Enhanced Productivity

PPG has a full line of topcoats and primers needed for the industry supporting fighters, trainers, transport aircraft, and land vehicles. Our Advanced Performance Coatings have become the industry standard supporting nearly all platforms in the industry.

Innovation - New Products and Services

PPG Clarity™ Transparency Cleaning System A two-part cleaning method that can easily remove debris from coated and uncoated plastic transparencies
PPG ARE™ Additive Manufacturing Technology  Automates manual processes to save production times and costs
Solar Heat Management Coating The technology is based on infrared-transparent stainers that allow solar heat to pass through topcoat pigments to a white primer coat, which reflects the heat away from the aircraft


Military Primers

Military Primers The full line of Military primers manufactured by PPG for commerical, civil aviation and military applications
Desoprime™ 7531 Chromate Free Etch Primer Chrome-free Etch Primer suitable for use in both land based and aerospace applications
DeSoto® 513X408B Military Water-Borne Primer This primer is designed to protect aluminum and composite surfaces from corrosion
Desoprime™ HS CA7233 Military Epoxy Primer High solids corrosion, chemical, and solvent resistant, military epoxy primer used on the exterior of aircraft
Eco-Prime™ EWDE102 Military Water-Borne Epoxy Primer Military water-borne primer is used to protect aluminum and composite surfaces prior to top coating
Aerocron™ 2100 Anionic Epoxy Military Primer Chrome-free, water-based technology designed to provide optimal corrosion protection over aircraft substrates


Military Topcoats

Military Topcoats The full line of commericial, civil aviation and military coatings offered by PPG
01F Series HS Epoxy Topcoat Two-component, high solids epoxy topcoats for use on aircraft and aerospace equipment
Desothane® CA8000 Kicker Designed to reduce the dry to tape time of Desothane® HS polyurethane topcoats
Desothane® HS CA8100 Series Military and Defense Anti-Chafe Topcoats Primarily used on surfaces where abrasion resistance, low friction and impact resistance is required to reduce chafing and wear
Desothane® CA8300 HS Polyurethane Topcoat Gloss External topcoat for military aircraft and land based defense equipment
Desothane® CA8321 HS Polyurethane Topcoat Semi Gloss External topcoat for military aircraft and land based defense equipment
Desothane® HD CA9000/B900 Clearcoat A high solids, buffable, polyurethane clearcoat with exceptional application and performance properties


Semco Application and Removal Products

Semco™ sealant removal, mixing and application kit A convenient carry-on tool kit for removal and application of sealants and adhesives
Semco® Product Catalog The full line of Semco® packaging & application systems intended to store, mix, dispense, apply and remove specialty chemicals used in manufacturing and repair environments for many industries


To learn more about PPG products and services speak to a representative at DSEI 2023