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Dubai Airshow 2023

PPG's Aerospace Business

MRO Europe 2023

Leadership in Innovation, Sustainability, Enhanced Productivity

At PPG, we partner with our customers to develop innovative technologies that solve their biggest challenges. We deliver sustainable aircraft transparencies, sealants, adhesives, coatings, engineered materials, additive manufacturing, chemical management and packaging & application systems that preserve and protect the environment. In addition, our aerospace products and services increase manufacturing speed to reduce cycle times.


Solaron Blue Protection™ UV+ Blocking Aircraft window blocking technology, block 99% of UVA and UVB rays and more than 40% of high-energy visible blue light
Opticor™ Advanced Transparency Material Offers lighter weight opportunities for aerospace  transparency designs, having a lower specific gravity than MIL-P-25690 stretched acrylic.
A320 sliding side / aft window repair program Allows customers to return all glass sliding side windows and aft fixed windows to PPG for repair instead of discarding or buying replacement windows. Cost savings, simplified inventory, reduced waste
PPG ARE™ Additive Manufacturing Technology Offers multi-material, covalently bonded end-use parts at scale and speeds suitable for aerospace, military and commercial applications



Desoprime™ 7530 Chrome-Free Pre-Treatment Chrome free pre-treatment primer developed for the exterior of aircraft
Desoprime™ 7065 Chrome-Free Polyurethane Chrome free polyurethane primer designed for use over PPG's Desoprime™ CFWP 7530
DesoGel® EAP-9 Effective, and easy to apply alternative to traditional chromated conversion coatings
PPG Aerospace Desoprime™ CF Chrome Free Wash Primer Chrome free product, environmentally compliant and can be applied directly to metal substrates with no pretreatment.



PRC® Sealcap® sealants Decreases application time/tooling and offer consistent application quality.
PPG Desothane® HD/CA 9008 basecoat clearcoat system Offers improved durability, faster processing times and weight savings for reduced energy and fuel consumption
PPG Aerocron® electrocoat primer Offers faster processing times, reduced cost compared to existing spray applied primers, and weight savings for reduced energy and fuel consumption


New Products / Services

PPG Livery Lab℠ Comprehensive coatings and livery design service in partnership with Aerobrand branding
Semco® sealant removal, mixing and application kit A convenient carry-on tool kit for removal and application of sealants and adhesives.