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MRO 2022

PPG's Aerospace Business

MRO 2022 Masthead

We protect and beautify the world

Innovation and sustainability are at the core of everything we do.

PPG's aerospace business provides products and services that are key to the aviation industry. From aircraft transparencies to transparent armor to coatings, sealants and more, we deliver the highest quality so you can continue to soar. 

Commercial Aviation  
Regional Aviation  
Transparency Repair Services  

Desothane® HS CA 8000 Polyurethane  
Desothane® HS CA 8800 Buffable Polyurethane  
Desothane® HD CA 9007 Basecoat  
Desothane® HD 9008 Basecoat  
Boundless™ CA6500  

PRC® Seal Caps  
PPG ARE Additive Manufacturing Technology  
PR-2001 Class B Rapid Curing  
PR-2001LW Class B Light Weight Rapid Curing  
PR-2007 Class A  

Primers / Pretreatment
Aerocron™ Electrocoat Primer  
DesoGel EAP-9  
Desoprime™ CF/CA 7502 Chrome-Free Epoxy  
Desoprime™ CA7502E  
Desoprime™ CA7502EW  
Desoprime™ HS CA7700 with "B" Activator  

Desofill™ HS CA 8620G Sanding Surfacer  
09W015B White High Build Sanding Surfacer  
CA7660TG Corrosion Resistant Epoxy  

Semco® Model 285-B Battery Powered  
Ergonomic Sealant Removal Tools  
Semco® 1250 Battery Operated Dispensing Gun
Semco® Glow in the Dark Tools
Semco® Catalog

Engineered Materials
Lightning Strike Protection  
Expanded Material Terminology  


Aerospace Coatings Infographic


If there are any questions pertaining to the products listed, please ask any member of the PPG Team.