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Commercial Primers

Desoprime™ HS CA7700 with "B" Activator

Desoprime™ CA7700 series epoxy primers are designed for use on aircraft exterior and/or exterior details parts (components). This primer is designed for use with non-electrostatic spray equipment.

• Urethane topcoat compatible
• Passes the rain erosion test
• Excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance
• Compatible with all non-electrostatic spray equipment
• Excellent fluid resistance
• Can be applied in a wide range of conditions


  • BAMS 565-008 - Grade B Type II - BOMBARDIER
  • BMS 10-72 - Type VIII, Comp C - BOEING
  • CMS-CT-201 - Class A & B Grade B - COMAC
  • MM1275 - MHI