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Commercial Topcoats

Boundless™ CA6500

Boundless CA6500 series topcoats, our latest general aviation
coatings solution specifically tailored for light aircraft and helicopters

private plane

PPG Boundless CA6500 series offers a total environmental coating solution for the light general aviator.

From color matching and blending in customized sizes, to seamless delivery, application
and appearance. This product provides a quick, innovative solution with aerospace-grade
certification minimum downtime.

PPG Boundless CA6500 series is available in a wide array of color palettes that suit your identity
and imagination.

PPG Boundless CA6500 series is comprised of low volatile organic compound (VOC) polyurethane coatings, which are designed to provide excellent durability, performance and appearance characteristics with minimal emissions of regulated VOC and volatile hazardous air pollutants (VoHAPS).

You can rely on PPG’s technical service and sales professionals for advice on  PPG Boundless CA6500 series application techniques, ease of use and post-purchase support.

PPG Boundless CA6500 aerospace coatings are available in the United States and Canada through PPG’s application support center network. For more information, including product availability in other regions, or to place an order, contact your local PPG aerospace sales representative or visit

Key Benefits:

  • Quick, comprehensive coatings solution with minimum downtime
  • Excellent durability, buffability, and sandability
  • Easy to apply, excellent flow and leveling properties
  • VOC ontent <350 grams/liter
  • Hap's-free and heavy metal-free formulations
  • Resistant to hydralic fluids, lubricating oils, diesel fuel and water
  • Excellent gloss and color retention
  • Quick dry with additional thinners
  • Wide array of color palettes

For PPG’s aerospace application support center nearest you, please visit our website at

Boundless CA6500
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