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Commercial Topcoats

Desothane® CA8800 SR Solar Reflective Topcoat

Desothane® CA8800 SR Solar Reflective Topcoats are buffable polyurethane coatings used to protect the exterior of aircraft and reduce solar heating of dark topcoats. These high solids topcoats are designed to be applied over Desoprime™ white epoxy primer and Desothane® HS polyurethane topcoat.
  • CA8800 SR dark topcoats are designed to be transparent to near IR portion of solar radiation spectrum
  • Reduces solar heating of dark topcoats on composite and aluminum based substrates
  • Fuselage skin temperatures can be lowered by -4°C to -7°C (20°F to 25°F)
  • Temperature reduction benefits achieved without compromise of other properties
  • Requires use of highly IR reflective undercoat of Desoprime™ CA7502W white primer or Desothane® HS CA8800 white topcoat
  • May be buffed to remove minor imperfections
  • Excellent gloss and image reflection
  • Retains gloss and color in harsh exterior environments
  • Can be applied in a wide range of conditions
  • Excellent impact and erosion resistance
  • Skydrol® resistant
  • Compatible with all current spray equipment
  • Service temperature -54°C to 177°C (-65°F to 350°F)