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Surface Solutions

Paint Removers

Desolift 3135 Selectively Strippable Coating Remover
Paint remover for the latest generation selectively strippable (SSS) exterior coating systems

Eldorado AC-12 Corrosion Remover and Brightener
Phosphoric acid based cleaner used for removing corrosion and for bright etching aluminum aircraft surfaces

Eldorado CT-2400 Carbon Remover & Paint Remover, Cold Tank
Carbon remover & paint remover

Eldorado CT-2500 Diphase Carbon Remover, Cold Tank
Diphase carbon remover and paint stripper

Eldorado HT-2230 Non-Chlorinated Paint Remover, Hot Tank
Nonchlorinated Paint Remover

Eldorado PR-2002 Non-Chlorinated Paint Remover
Nonevaporative, acid-activated paint and primer remover

Eldorado PR-3133 Polyurethane and Sealant Remover
Light blue-colored, viscous, ammonia-activated, benzyl alcohol emulsion type paint remover

Eldorado PR-3400 Paint Remover
Viscous, ammonia-activated paint remover

Eldorado PR-3451 Paint Remover
Polyurethane and alkyd paint remover

Eldorado PR-3500 Paint Remover, Epoxy Systems
High-performance, solvent-based, viscous stripper

Eldorado PR-3500-35 Paint Remover, Epoxy Systems, Limited VOC
VOC viscous paint remover

Eldorado PR-3500NC Paint Remover, Epoxy Systems
Viscous paint remover for aircraft primers

Eldorado PR-4028LO Acid Activated Paint Remover
Acid activated paint remover

Eldorado PR-5044 Neutral Peroxide Paint Remover
Neutral peroxide-activated paint and primer remover

Eldorado SR-125A Sealant Remover
Viscous paint remover for polysulfide sealants and adhesives