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Cuming Microwave Materials & Anechoic Chambers


Cuming Microwave manufactures a complete line of Honeycomb Absorbers. Our material systems include flat sheet as well as pyramidal honeycomb materials. Our pyramidal absorbers range in size from 4.0″ to 24.0″ in thickness and can be used for high power test chamber applications. Our C-RAM SFC-HC product is recognized in the industry as a class leader for high power testing applications. Power versus temperature test reports are available as a downloadable PDF test report.

Our second line of honeycomb absorbers consist of three types of flat sheet materials. These materials include HCGR (Graded Reflectivity), HCGI (Graded Insertion Loss), and HCUI (Uniform Insertion Loss). HCGR is useful to reduce specular reflections; the loading is graded front to back. HCGI is useful where insertion loss is needed with a low front face impedance; like HCGR this material is also graded. HCUI is a very uniform insertion loss material with no impedance taper. This material system is useful for antenna isolation or as a bulk absorber.

Click the links below to learn more about each standard product

Broadband Honeycomb Absorbers
(360-1) C-RAM HC

High Power Honeycomb Pyramidal Absorber
(390-16) C-RAM SFC-HC

HP Honeycomb Boeing Test Report