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Broadband Carbon/Foam Flexible Radar Absorber

C-RAM LF is a series of lightweight, flexible, broadband radar absorbers made from graded layers of lossy open-cell plastic foam. It is designed to provide typically 20 dB of reflectivity reduction in a frequency range dependent upon grade. The product is flexible enough to conform to moderately contoured surfaces. C-RAM LF is useful for reducing reflections in radar test ranges, inside radomes, around antennas, and for modifying antenna radiation patterns. It is also available in two weatherproof versions:

C-RAM LF-W is standard LF absorber wrapped in a thin weatherproof fabric tarp. The coating on this tarp is polychloroprene. Color is olive green. For severe weathering conditions, the product can be supplied wrapped in a white colored hypalon tarp which will withstand long term sun and rain exposure, but with a penalty of reduced reflectivity performance.

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