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Sheet Absorbers

Lossy Carbon-Loaded Flexible Foam Microwave Absorber Sheets

C-RAM MT is a series of flexible, lightweight lossy plastic foam sheet materials. A very broad frequency range of dielectric loss is achieved through carbon loading of the foam. C-RAM MT can be used to lower the Q of cavities, attenuate surface currents, absorb stray RF energy, isolate components and plug areas of RF leakage. It is a lossy load material; applications requiring a free space reduction of reflectivity should be addressed with C-RAM LF (see Technical Bulletin 320-1).C-RAM MT is available in several grades with varying levels of carbon loading, and thus varying tangents. Each grade is available in a range of thicknesses. The material is a soft foam and is easily cut with a sharp knife. Cuming Corporation can also supply C-RAM MT with a peel-and-stick backing, and can die-cut or machine parts to specifications.C-RAM MT-FR is a fire retardant grade. C-RAM MT is treated with fire retardant additives during its manufacturing cycle. C-RAM MT-FR meets UL-94-HF-2 requirements.

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