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Application Notes

Performance of C-RAM FAC at W-Band (77 GHz)

With the increasing need for anechoic test chambers for proving automotive distance control radars at (77 GHz), Cuming Corporation has provided samples of C-RAM FAC-5 to Daimler-Benz Research Center in Ulm, Germany, for independent testing.

C-RAM FAC is the material of preference for mm-wave chambers. The convoluted (egg-carton) shape of the face of the material provides the electrical gradient necessary for very low levels of reflected signals. The rounded convolutions minimize diffractions which would occur with straight-edged pyramid shaped absorber materials.

C-RAM FAC-5 is specified to have reflectivity less than -50 dB at 30 GHz. At frequencies of 30 GHz and above, we recommend that the absorber material is not painted with the typical blue surface coating, as the high dielectric constant of the pigments in the coating may affect performance. It is instead lightly coated with a clear acrylic plastic coating.

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