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Honeycomb & High Power Microwave Absorbers

Broadband Honeycomb Microwave Absorber

C-RAM HC is a series of radar absorbing products made from Nomex/phenolic or glass/phenolic honeycomb with a proprietary lossy coating. Typically, Nomex/phenolic is used in most applications. The hexagonal open cell structure provides a high strength-to-weight ratio, making C-RAM HC an ideal material for aircraft parts, such as fairings, covers, and leading edges, which must combine strength, light weight, and low radar reflections. Honeycomb is also ideal for cavity backed spiral antenna applications. The open cells permit forced air cooling, allowing high-power applications. On special order skins can be provided on the core, typically glass, Kevlar, or AstroQuartz skins can be provided. Custom composite shapes are also available per customer drawings.

Technical Data Sheet

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