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Semco® Pasa-Jell Products

Semco® Pasa-Jell products are designed for the treatment of metal surfaces. They are proprietary compounds based on a mixture of mineral acids, activators and inhibitors. Some are inorganically thickened to permit application in localized areas and on vertical or overhead surfaces.

Designed for field use, the equipment to which Semco® Pasa-Jell products are applied need not be disassembled. For shop use, the need for large processing tanks and a large volume of acid is eliminated.

Semco® Pasa-Jell products are thixotropic and gel upon standing. Shaking the bottle will permit the liquid to be easily poured and brush applied. The liquid will revert to a gel upon standing. This permits application to vertical or overhead surfaces.

The ability to control the area being treated saves both time and material. For example, the areas adjacent to the edges that will be treated with Semco® Pasa-Jell, prior to welding, need not be masked.

An M designation means that version contains no inorganic thickener. The resultant low viscosity is ideal for immersion treatment of large metal parts in tanks.

Each Semco® Pasa-Jell product is designed for a specific purpose such as passivation, preparation for metal bonding, removal of corrosion or surface clean-up.