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Adhesion Promoters

PR-188 Universal Sealant Adhesion Promoter

PR-188 is a sealant adhesion promoter that is suitable for use with both PRC® and Pro-Seal™ brand sealants. This product enhances the adhesion of both polysulfide, and Permapol® polythioether based sealants to standard aerospace substrates.

This product is fully qualified to the AMS 3100 Class 2 specification. It has zero VOC's as currently defined by U.S. environmental regulations. PR-188 is a one-part compound suitable for application by brush or clean gauze. PR-188 is not appropriate for use on polycarbonate or acrylic substrates.



  • AMS 3100 - Class 3, Type 2
  • GAP111W - 4 - GULFSTREAM