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Corrosion Inhibitive Sealants

PR-2870 Class C-12/24 Non-Chromate Corrosion Inhibitive Sealant

PPG Aerospace has completed qualification of all three grades of its non-chromate corrosion-inhibiting sealant PR-2870 that provides commercial, general aviation and military aircraft manufacturers as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul shops with faster cure to reduce application cycle time for significant cost savings. Learn more

PR-2870 Class C-12/24 is a non-chromate corrosion inhibitive fay surface sealant. It has a service temperature range from -80°F (-62°C) to 250°F (121°C), with intermittent excursions up to 300°F (149°C). This material acts as an effective corrosion inhibitor when used with aluminum alloys or with dissimilar metals. The cured sealant maintains elastomeric properties after limited exposure to both jet fuel and aviation gas.

PR-2870 Class C-12/24 is a two-part, epoxy cured Permapol® P-3.1 polythioether compound. The uncured material is a roller-grade liquid suitable for application by brush, extrusion gun or spatula. It cures at room temperature to form a resilient sealant having excellent adhesion to common aircraft substrates.

PR-2870 Class C-12/24 is unique in that while it possesses a long application and assembly time, it then exhibits rapid cure. This means that one product has the potential to be used in place of C-8, C-12, in addition to C-24, allowing for reduced inventory.

Watch the video below to see PPG PR-2870 Corrosive Inhibitive Sealant.

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