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Sealants Europe (formerly Le Joint Français - LJF)

JFM 1675 Class B Fuel Tank Sealant

A filleting compound for sealing integral fuel tank and pressurized cabins. JFM 1675 class B was especially developed for use over a temperature range of -50°C to + 120°C and with outstanding resistance to aircraft fuels (aviation gasoline or jet fuel) and petroleum base lubrificating oils.

JFM 1675 class B is a two-part, polysulfide, liquid polymer compound that cures at room temperature and without shrinkage, to form a resilient sealant possessing excellent adhesion to aluminium, steel, and numerous other materials. The mixed compound is a high thixotropic paste, readily applied by extrusion or injection gun,which does not flow from vertical or overhead surfaces. JFM 1675 class B has a very remarkable butterlike thixotropic property.