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Sealants Europe (formerly Le Joint Français - LJF)

PR 1440 M Class S Fuel Tank Sealant

Sprayable elastic coating for structures, fuel tanks and cavities. Fast curing; Toluene free.

Fast curing product for sealing integral fuel tank and pressurized cabins, that allows to protect internal and external surfaces.

PR 1440 MS is especially recommended to protect tanks, structures and cavities by fill and drain. It is developed for use over a temperature range between – 55° C and + 120° C and with outstanding resistance to fuels ( aviation gas or jet fuel ), petroleum based oils and in the aerospace environment .

PR 1440MS is a 3 component product ( base, diluent, accelerator ) based on liquid polysulfide polymers. After mixing, it cures at room temperature to form a resilient sealant having excellent adhesion to common aircraft substrates as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and a huge choice of paints. The viscosity of the mixed product allows to spray it by suitable gun.