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Sealants Europe (formerly Le Joint Français - LJF)

PR 1772 Class B Low Weight Fuselage Sealant

PR 1772 B is a low weight sealant. It has a service temperature range from -55°C to 120°C, with intermittent excursions up to 135°C. It offers as much as a thirty percent weight savings, per unit volume, over traditional sealants used for these purposes. The cured sealant maintains excellent elastomeric properties after limited exposure to both jet fuel and aviation gas.

PR 1772 B is a two-part, chemically curing polysulfide compound. The uncured material is a low sag, thixotropic paste suitable for application by extrusion gun or spatula. It cures at room temperature to form a resilient sealant having excellent adhesion to common aircraft substrates.

TDS currently under review. Please contact Sealants Europe SAS Customer Service  for more information.