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Sealants Europe (formerly Le Joint Français - LJF)

PR 1826 Class B Fast Cure Fuel Tank Sealant

PR 1826 Class B is a rapid curing integral fuel tank sealants designed for use at temperature between -60° C to +150° C, with intermittent use to +215° C. PR 1826 Class B has excellent ow temperature curing characteristics.

PR 1826 Class B is a two-part, chemically curing Permapol P-3 polythioether polymer based sealant characterized by a rapid cure at low temperature to a fuel resistance elastomer. This material has application temperature as low as +5° C. When used with primer PR 1826 Adhesion Promoter, the sealant adheres to alcald, titanium, stainless steel, coating surfaces and sealant.

TDS currently under review. Please contact Sealants Europe SAS Customer Service  for more information.

PR 1826 Adhesion will promote adhesion of PR 1826 Class B to itself and to materials and treatments commonly used for aircraft fasteners. The mixed compound is a thixotripic material which can be readily applied by extrusion or injection gun.