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Sealants Europe (formerly Le Joint Français - LJF)

PR 1827 R 1/6 Fuel Tank Sealant Rapid Cure

PR 1827 R1/6 is a compound for sealing the faying surface of metallic structures and pressurized cabins.It was especially developed for use over a temperature range of - 55°C + 150°C and will resist aircraft fuels (aviation gasoline or jet fuel), oils and hydraulic fluids.

PR 1827 R1/6 is a two-part, chemically curing polythioether polymer based sealant. The mixed compound may be applied by brush or roller. After mixing, it cures very fast at room temperature to a strong and flexible elastomer., PR 1827 R1/6 sealant adheres to common aircraft substrates when they are reactivated with primer PR 149 Adhesion Promoter.