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Specialty Products

PR-1199 Secondary Fuel Barrier Coating

PR-1199 is a sprayable, polyurethane coating designed for use as a secondary fuel barrier on composite aircraft integral fuel tanks. The product is typically applied to the exterior surfaces of the composite center wing box tank which has been primed with DeSoto primer 512X310 qualified to BMS10-103. Should a leak occur in the tanks primary seal systems, PR-1199 will aid in containment of the leak and prevent fuel migration.

PR-1199 cures at room temperature to form a resilient transparent coating with high elongation and tensile strength properties. It gives the advantage of a very fast ambient cure profile for short cycle times and short tack free times. The spray applied product is clear after cure, making for easy detection of cracks/issues with the primed composite tanks during inspections or as needed.



  • BMS 5-167 - Type I - BOEING