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Windshield and Canopy

PR-1425CF (Chrome Free) Class B Windshield and Canopy Sealant

PR-1425CF Class B is a fast curing, chrome free*, aircraft windshield and canopy sealant. It has a service temperature range from -65°F(-54°C) to 250°F (121°C), with intermittent excursions up to 275°F (135°C). This material is an aircraft transparency sealant and has excellent adhesion to properly prepared glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic substrates. This product is specifically formulated not to craze substrates. The cured sealant exhibits excellent resistance to UV and weather exposure.

PR-1425CF Class B is a fast curing, two-part, manganese dioxide cure polysulfide compound. The uncured material is a low sag, thixotropic paste, suitable for application by extrusion gun or spatula. This sealant has excellent adhesion to common aircraft substrates, when correctly primed with PR-1861 adhesion promoter.


*Chromium is not intentionally added in the formulation of this product.  PPG’s “chrome free” statement is based on our knowledge of the product formulation.