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General Aviation

Bombardier * Challenger * 600 * Series

PPG Aerospace - Transparencies is a leading and experienced manufacturer of replacement windshields and side cockpit windows for Bombardier Challenger 600 Series airplanes.

PPG qualified its glass-faced acrylic windshield for the Challenger 600 Series jet fleet. To the benefit of operators, the glass-faced acrylic windshield combines the toughness and chemical-resistance properties of glass with the weight-saving benefits of plastic, offering an expected service life significantly longer than that of original acrylic-faced part, based on the performance of similar windshield designs. PPG supplies its glass-faced acrylic windshield for Challenger 600 Series jest to Bombardier for spares.

PPG Aerospace manufactures all flight-deck windows for Challenger 600 Series aircraft, simplifying replacement with availability from a single source.

Operators know they can count on PPG Aerospace for transparencies that provide significant value because of their reduced life-cycle cost as a result of their exceptional service life.