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General Aviation

Cessna 402/404 and Cessna 414/421

PPG Aerospace - Transparencies is a leading and experienced manufacturer of replacement pilot windshields for Cessna 404, 402, 141, 421 airplanes.

The pilot windshields that PPG produces for direct sale to operators of Cessna 402, 404, 414 and 421 airplanes are acrylic laminates that are strong and lightweight. The main ply is stretched to provide superior craze and crack resistance. The windshields are heated to meet operators' flight requirements They are manufactured in the same facility where original-equipment transparencies were made during the aircraft programs' production life, assuring a well-fitting part. PPG Aerospace is able to offer replacement windshields that are manufactured to the latest design configuration.

Operators know they can count on PPG Aerospace for transparencies that provide significant value because of tier reduced life-cycle cost a a result of their exceptional service life.