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General Aviation

Hawker 750, 800, 800(U-125A), 800XP, 850XP, 900XP and 1000

Replacement windshields produced by PPG Aerospace for  these Hawker airplanes are designed to provide operators with outstanding durability and reliability.

The PPG windshields are glass-faced acrylic, combining the toughness and chemical resistance properties of glass with  the strength and weight-saving benefits of plastic. This design configuration has been used successfully on military, general aviation and large-transport aircraft programs for decades. With Parts Manufacturer Approval, PPG is now able to offer its unique glass-faced acrylic windshields for these Hawker airplanes.

The windshield’s outboard glass ply is HERCULITE® II chemically strengthened glass that has a high strength-to-weight ratio. The NESATRON® heating system provides excellent durability with high visible light transmission, low reflectance and gradient control versatility that allows uniform heating even of irregular shapes.

Operators know they can count on PPG Aerospace for transparencies that provide significant value because of their reduced life-cycle cost as a result of their exceptional service life.


  • Glass-Faced Acrylic
  • Herculite® Chemically Strengthened Glass
  • Urethane Interlayer
  • Nesatron® Anti-ice  System
  • PR-1425CF Polysulfide  Moisture Seal
  • Bird-Impact Resistant
  • Surface Seal ® Coating
  • Antistatic Coating