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Regional Aviation

Merlin and Metroliner

PPG Aerospace was the original manufacturer of windshields for the Merlin and Metro airplanes. Building on that experience, PPG secured approval through a Supplemental Type Certificate and has re-entered the marketplace with a superior windshield design that incorporates today’s technology while maintaining compliance with structural, form, fit and function requirements.

The windshields are made of two plies of HERCULITE® thermally tempered glass to provide optical clarity while affording chemical, abrasion, scratch and crazing resistance. 

To reduce the potential for moisture ingress, a key factor in service life, the windshield has an edge seal and PR-1425 polysulfide moisture seal. Proprietary urethane interlayers adjacent to the glass plies provide superior performance under extreme temperatures with a moisture-resistant bond for the outboard and core glass plies.

These windshields have an improved terminal block design for durability and flame retardance both horizontally and vertically. A spare heating system temperature-sensing element has exclusive connections for independent operation and redundancy.  Redundant antistatic drain locations prevent loss of connection as a result of damage during maintenance.

Operators know they can count on PPG Aerospace for transparencies that provide significant value because of their reduced life-cycle cost as a result of their exceptional service life.